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Granitefields Irish Glen of Imaal Terriers
The Standard


The Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier
FCI Standard May 2000

General appearance, characteristics, temperament:


Medium sized with medium length coat, great strength with the impression of maximum substance for the size of the dog.  Body longer than high and low to the ground.  Active, agile and silent when working.  Game and spirited with great courage when called upon, otherwise gentle and docile, who oozes personality; his loyal and affectionate nature makes him a very acceptable house dog and companion.  The Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier is said to be less easily excited that other terriers, though he is always ready to give chase when called on.   Native of County Wicklow and named after the Glen of Imaal. 

Head and skull:


 Of good width, of fair length.  A foreface of power. 

 Nose black.  A pronounced stop, tapering to the nose.

 Eyes: Brown, medium size, round, well set apart.  Light eyes should be penalised.

Ears: Small, rose or half pricked when alert, thrown back in repose.  Full drop or prick undesirable.

Mouth: Jaws strong, teeth sound, regular, strong of good size.

Neck: Very muscular and of moderate length.



Shoulders broad, muscular and well laid back.  Forelegs short, bowed and well bowed.



Deep and long, and longer than high.  Topline straight, i e level.  Strong loin, ribs well sprung.  Chest wide and strong.

Hindquarters:  Strong and well muscled, with good thighs and good bend of stifle.  Hocks turned neither in nor out.

Feet: Compacted and strong with rounded pads.  Front feet to turn out slightly from pastern.

Tails:  Docked.  Strong at root, well set on and carried gaily.   Pups tails' docked to half length.   Natural tails (undocked) allowed in countries where docking is banned (against the law).  

Gait / movement:  Free not hackneyed.  Covers the ground effortlessly with good drive behind.

Coat: Medium length, of harsh texture with soft undercoat.  Coat may be tidied to present neat outline.

Colour: Blue/brindle but not toning to black.  Wheaten - from a light wheaten colour to a golden reddish shade.

Weight / size: 14" (35.5cm) at the shoulder is the maximum height for dogs.  Weight 35lb (16kg).  Bitches accordingly.

Minimum Height:  12"  Approximate length:  23" in 14" Glens.


Puppies usually born true to type.  In colour wheaten, reddish, blue masks are usually an inky blue, there may be a streak of blue down the back, on tail and ears.  The darker markings will clear with maturity.






Hound ears

Undershot bite, overshot bite, wry mouth

Dipped topline

Too short in body

Straight front.


 Dilution of colour:

It is worth while noting that dilution can occur in mating blue/brindle to blue/brindle.  You can get some light wheaten, slate and tan, and silver-blue.  Care must be taken in watching pigmentation when breeding these dogs.

 Issued by the Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier and Breeders Association

Copyright held by the Irish Kennel Club and the Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier Owners and Breeders Association (1999)


 A current copy of the Standard for the Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier can be seen at the Native Breeds page of the Irish Kennel Club website