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Granitefields Irish Glen of Imaal Terriers
Eithne and Tom Cleary

Tom Cleary

Tom Cleary - March 2000

Three generations of Thomas Cleary lived in Nenagh, Co.Tipperary. His grandfather Thomas was land steward to the Riggs Miller family and his grandmother (Ann O'Shaughnessy) was their housekeeper. They were always dog people - his father was best known for cockers and greyhounds - most well known in the greyhounds the family owned was a bitch called 'Slimline'. Tom's first success was handling a cocker in a Junior Handlers Class in 1932.  Tom was born in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary and lived in Borrisokane for the early years and then came to Dublin where he met and married Eithne. He also played the alto sax in Kevin Doherty's band in the early 1950's. He made up his first staffie in 1973 - Ch. Rothersyke Vostock and also owned /campaigned Am/Ch. Devil's Dike in Ireland. A vocational teacher by profession he retired from the National Medical Rehabilitation Centre in 1987 - He has also been Secretary of Bray since 1983 and founded the Irish Staffordshire Fanciers Club of which he is still Secretary. The Staffordshires and Glen champions they have owned are too numerous to record.

Eithne Cleary

Eithne - March 2000

Eithne was a Secretary to a member of the first coalition government in Ireland and her family came from Wicklow Town - her father was a member of the Board of Works and her mother also came from Wicklow. Her mother's name was Annette Wall - Christopher Wall (Eithne's grandfather) went down during the 1916 world war and was decorated by Queen Elizabeth's grandfather. Her family went worldwide and her brother settled in Zimbabwe - Eithne and Tom bred the first International Champion Ch. Killavaney Oscar and had the first Champion in 30 years Ch. Killavaney Princess.  Their son Thomas Hugh Cleary lives in Pilltown, Co. Kilkenny and owned Fin/Ir. Champion Feohanagh Rhapsody. They have at the moment Sparan Schillinge and Glenbrows Danielle both of which Eithne shows herself. She also brought Irish Ch. Inchmarlow Stands with Fist to Ireland and campaigned her to Champion - Eithne is also Chairperson of the Bray and District Canine Society and also Secretary and IKC representative for the Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier Owners and Breeders Association.  She is also Secretary of the Native Terriers 2000.