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Photo Album


Eithne's Photo Album

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eithne002.jpg (37283 bytes)

Tom and Eithne.jpg (23654 bytes)

tom001.jpg (16163 bytes)

Eithne and Tom

eithnejudge.jpg (49464 bytes)

eithnedinlaw.jpg (34170 bytes)

Eithne judging Eithne with her daughter in law, Frances
terriershow.jpg (83210 bytes) seminar1996.jpg (34378 bytes)

Glen Seminar 1996

Some of Tom and Eithne's Glens

my two pals.jpg (14422 bytes)

mollynbiddy.jpg (47959 bytes)

Glenbrows Danielle.jpg (36773 bytes)

Molly and Biddy

feohanagh rhapsody.jpg (50654 bytes)

pupster.jpg (33011 bytes)

Feohanagh Rhapsody Glen pup

3troutbertha.jpg (30575 bytes)

Tom with Molly.jpg (15441 bytes)

Threetrout Trio.jpg (28592 bytes)

Ch. Threetrout Bertha sired by Granitefields Frederick, owned by Neville and Mary Elliot

Tom with Molly

Threetrout Trio, owned by Neville and Mary Elliot

uimaille.jpg (12482 bytes)

wixsteps.jpg (42581 bytes)

kilkenny.jpg (25068 bytes)

Ui Maille



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